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Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

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Certainty is a great feeling

The better a product is made the longer it lasts and the more you enjoy it. So getting a high-quality Toyota at a great price is a very smart move. But getting a high-quality Certified Pre-Owned Toyota at a great price is an even smarter move.

The Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles program is proof of our commitment to constant improvement and is setting the benchmark for peace of mind amongst those in the pre-owned car market. Not only does the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program offer a range of benefits that no private seller could offer, it comes with the backing of Australia's most trusted automotive brand, Toyota.

You can simply select a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle and take advantage of the following:

✓ Only the best vehicles are eligible

✓ It will have a full service history

✓ It will have undergone an independent CarHistory® background check

✓ It may include a statutory warranty, depending on your circumstances [P8] 

✓ It will have undergone a comprehensive quality inspection by qualified Toyota Technicians

✓ It will offer 1 year of nationwide Toyota Roadside Assist [P9] 

✓ It will have been reconditioned to Toyota's exacting standards by Toyota technicians [P10] 

✓ Flexible finance and insurance options available [P7] 

Your guarantee of quality before you buy

Background Check

All Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are accompanied by a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Report ensuring you of everything you need to know about the history of the vehicle you're buying.

Comprehensive Quality Check[P10]

Toyota's trained mechanics[P10] conduct an exhaustive quality inspection check[P10] for each vehicle to determine if it's eligible for resale in accordance with the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Promise.


There are many benefits associated with Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle and finance is no exception. Finance rates are set by Toyota Finance[P7].

Benefits for you after you buy

Toyota Statutory Warranty [P8]

Toyota Statutory Warranty[P8] is just one of the many perks associated with buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. Toyota strive to assist all Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle buyers in as many ways as possible.

Toyota Roadside Assist[P9]

Toyota Roadside Assist[P9] is available around the clock and is just a phone call away for Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. We take pride in the reliability and professionalism of Toyota Roadside Assist services.

Toyota Service Advantage[T1]

Low Capped Price Servicing is just one of the many benefits associated with the purchase of a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, providing peace of mind from unexpected service costs.

Just some of Toowoomba Toyota's advantages:

  • Toyota Access
  • Toyota Genuine Parts
  • Toyota Certified Advantage
  • Toyota Insurance Advantage
  • Toyota Fleet Specialist
  • 5 Year Warranty